This is a Messy Situation… Ah HELP?

You NEED to understand our history to understand!!

I have been on and off hooking up with this guy for a really long time. What I have come to learn; he is awful with girls and facing his feelings. When we evolved from friends, to being flirtatious, to only simple goodnight kisses, to making out, and then finally after a couple of years, I slept over, and have been off and on for the last 6 months or so. We had a little bit of a misunderstanding due to miscommunication a few months ago. He never made any efforts to pursue what we had, so I got back with my ex (they know each other but don't care for each other much) then he got pissed at me, deleted me from social media. We talked it out and he admitted he had feelings for me. I told him I had no idea, then stopped things with my ex. Then he got weird again, and I confronted him recently cause it got to the point of immaturity where he wouldn't even stand by me. Hell, he wouldn't even look at me or greet me! So I called him out the other week, and we discussed things and worked it out. I later slept over that night. We didn't have sex though, we just hung out, made out a little bit, had a couple beers and had a really fun, nice time joking around and laughing! It was kind of couply so I was hoping that he was finally just letting this happen, but I have my doubts of course due to our past. Then the other day (after re-adding him on snapchat a few days ago) he had frikkin blocked me on snapchat! No other social media, JUST snap chat! I don't separately snapchat him, and he doesn't with me so I am VERY confused and terrified of these games happening yet again. I care for the guy, I really do, but like come on… I don't want to be all paranoid to him because I'm NOT the type of girl at all to bombard a guy with snap chats and texts. I make it a point not to be THAT girl, but it's not seeming to work… I really need some guys to give me their opinion on what the hell is up!!


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  • If he just blocks you on Snap chat and nothing else, that's not the end of the world. He just blocked you because he didn't want to see every little thing you post. He either doesn't want to be bothered with the constant bombardment, or he figured that he will spend enough time with you where he doesn't need to have Snap Chat with you. You already understand he has a communication issue; if it really bothers you, you should ask him. However, don't attack him; just tell that your curious, and it's okay if he did. You just want to make sure you didn't do anything wrong.


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