What does it mean when a guy give you loads of attention and then completely stops?

Ok, so there is this guy in one of my classes who flirts with me a lot for like 20 mins. and then the rest of the class he only catches quick glimpses of me (which i can see through the corner of my eye) and doesn't talk to me at all. He doesn't ignore me, but he doesn't really talk as much as before when he was flirting with me. Is he playing hard to get? Is he tired of talking to me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Are you giving him positive feed back or negative feed back when he flirts?

    • positive. i usually smile, say something funny and flirt back, but i definitely don't overdo it

    • Don't forget he's in class. And he kind of wants to pay attention too.

    • it's actually not really a class. My school does this free period social thing that's supposed to be used for studying, but never is. He doesn't study during that time either so that's not a factor. We actually usually talk and hang out within the same group of friends, but then he suddenly acts all weird..

What Girls Said 1

  • it sounds like he could just be playing hard to get like how he leads u on and then suddenly stops completely to make you want him more

    • That's really helpful. Thanks!

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