So I like this guy?

I like this guy but he never talks in class and is always on his phone (I sit close to him). He's fit and i'm well... not. I think he knows i like him but i'm not fully sure. I find him glancing at me from time to time, I was most likely staring at him lol. I've liked him for a few months now but I'm not the outgoing kind of person. I've never talked to him and he, like I said, NEVER TALKS! the only time I've really ever heard him talk is when it's with the teacher. I have a lot of insecurities and I'm affraid if I do talk to him, 1. I'll look like an idiot. 2. It will be way obvious I like him. and 3. he won't talk to me again. I wouldn't blame him I mean really if some person who is weird af starts talking to me for no reason, I'd avoid that person. WHAT DO I DO?


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  • Just go and talk to him
    Start with anything relating to class or anything
    And that won't look like ur idiot
    Take it easy and be calm and just initiate it's perfectly fine :)


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