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So me and this girl hung out at LEAST 45 minutes every single day, alone, I walked her to classes and vice-versa, she even missed the bus just so she could say goodbye and made like a 5 mile walk home. She wrote me poetry and even told me that she loved having "Sex Dreams" and intimate stuff like that.. Well around late December I got the courage to right her a letter, well the first response was bittersweet basically "you're amazing and awesome, and I care about you the same way omg, but I think I still love my Ex-boyfriend" by the way I knew he was a problem for months so this wasn't a total shock, So a week goes by and I wasn't able to see her at all, but when I next see her she started acting a little strange, and I gave her a follow up letter saying like "So where do we go from here" basically and she comes in the next day, we make the usual stop at her locker, Well before I am about to leave for the day she has been acting strange and I start thinking "okay I FUCKED UP" so I ask her jokingly like "what do you want me out of your life?" and she says "Well sorta, you are kinda distracting me right now, and I can't really have you in my life". Seems like it ends there you know bye and whatever.. but now she still acts strange around me, for instance whenever I walk past in the halls she puts her head down and everything.. It's really weird and if anything I don't even want to be with her, I just miss her ya know. So if anyone is reading this, I would love your opinion on if she is interested or if I should talk to her, Thank You!


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  • Sadly I dont think she is interested. It sounds like she was trying to use you as her rebound and that's why she got so personal so quickly because she was trying to get over her boyfriend. You should just give her space and if you are meant to be together things will work out :)

    • Thank you! I just wanted to say I've known her for about a year and a half or so, and before we got like this deep into it we were pretty close to, at least I think, for instance I told her to keep a test I did (cause I am weird and I didn't expect her to keep it) and she in face kept it, and I think this was before she even broke up with him, I don't know if that changes anything? but again THANK YOU!

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