Was he fond of me as a friend?

I don't think he had any real romantic interest in me, but I'd notice him doing simple things like walking even though he had to leave because I was still saying something.

Or never cutting me off/being rude if and when I got something wrong.

He did judge me a lot for having no social life, which he picked up on pretty easily.

Were we friends? At a time when I had virtually no friends, it pays to have a pal.


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  • he was trying to be a friend to you, probably poking fun to try to get you to go out and socialize more.

    • Ha ha I really do need to go out and socialize more... but he was a tad bit rude. He was like it's good that you're going out on this invite, because you don't get too many of those, (with a completely judgmental look on his face)

      RUDE alert

    • he might have been kidding.

    • It was an invite for a huge celebration, not just a party... I don't know he could've been kidding but I thought it was somewhat rude, especially saying it to a girl

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