This guy like to look and admire me but that's all he wants?

This guy looks and stares at me and mirrors my body language, he didn't deny that he was attracted to me but when I talked to him he said he wasn't interested because he felt I was being too aggressive being so upfront about him staring at me. What's his problem?


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  • He is attracted to you but is not interested in you and I suppose when you approached him about what he was doing he became a little defensive about things and this caused his reaction.

    I do not think he has a problem with you, he probably felt intimidated that you approached him about what he was doing, especially if he is doing this to lots of girls and those girls never approach him about what he's doing. He may feel threatened hence the "too aggressive & up front" comments.

  • I like to look at one my teachers. She's hot. But does that mean I should act on it. NO! Sometimes you just don't do things, because you know it's wrong


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