Guys, explain his behaviour to me please... Could it be he's starting to develop some feelings?

I moved to a small village a few months ago and there's this guy that was born here but doesn't live here anymore. He usually comes here coz he's part of the football team. But right now they aren't any matches because of the snow. Three weeks ago he came here to hang out with his friends and I was with them. There was another guy that was hitting on me and they eventually started competing for my attention. At the end of the night we were both so drunk that we ended up kissing. We didn't have sex... Just kissing. I didn't see him for two weeks, until last week. They had a reunion for the football team. After the reunion, they came to have dinner in my stepfather's restaurant and when the guy saw me, he was really really nervous and became all clumsy. After that, he was leaving with two friends, coz they were going to a party and my sister asked him "Won't you say goodbye to *my name*?" and he was all nervous and told her "I don't know what to do now... I was so drunk, she was so drunk... I don't regret anything but I just don't know how to act now.". After this, he left. Around 2 hours later, he came back alone. He was a little bit more drunk now. He was very shy with me at first but then started slowly teasing me. Another of his friends has been hitting on me for a long time now and that night he was being really obvious. And the guy became jealous of his friend. At the end of night, I was the only one sober so I was the only one able do drive. So, I took his friend home and I told the guy to come with me. He came with me and on our way back, he would grab my hand, I drove a few seconds arm in arm with him, he was teasing me, etc. At the end we arrived and we were teasing each other like little kids and there was a kind of "and now? who's making the move?" atmosphere. I asked him if he was afraid of talking to me, he became slightly nervous and said "No... If I was afraid of talking to you, I wouldn't even be there." And we said goodbye and parted.


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  • He just likes you. I don't know about feelings.

    • He just likes me? How so?

    • He may have a small crush on you by what you mentioned.

    • Ok... And how should I act now? Should I wait for him to do something? Should I send him a message on facebook?

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