Can I hope that he likes me more than a friend?

I have liked this guy since last August and I have always thought that he has something for me. However, it was only for the last 3 mths, we got closer to each other.

Our relationship has taken over a slow progress. I am in my early 30s and he is in his mid 30s. He told me recently that in the past, he dated girls quickly after he met them and he can't do that anymore since it didn't work out for him. But, he said nothing about us ever.

He looks for me consistently, calling me on the phone and asking me out. He shows interest in asking questions on myself and my family. He introduced me to his family soon after we met, although he makes it as if it is a casual encounter. When he asked me out, he would tell me at last minute that one of his guy friends wants to join us. I feel like he is on the fence of letting me think of him more than a friend. Yet, he would bring me small things like food and souvernirs frm overseas. He tells me about his struggles at work and I know that he is in a near project dateline. I have tried to be a great support when he talks about it and I introduced him to my friend who can help him. I think he is appreciative of that.

I am very concious to avoid acting needy and focus on having a gd time with him when we are together. We laughed and teased each others, yet we are also able to talk with depth. I feel that we have the compatibility to be together. But, it confused and saddened me at the same time over the slow progress. We never been physically intimate with each other. All we have do is hug each other when we are about to separate.

It would be great if I can have some lights into what he is thinking. Then, there's the question on what I can do to make sure that we have the best chance. Really appreciate your inputs :)
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  • it sounds like he likes you but wants to take it slow. don't try to rush him and it should work out fine.


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