He just stopped talking to me?

So I was talking to this guy & then out of the blue he just stopped talking, stopped liking my fb photos, everything.

Before that it had been ;) faces & x's every message, lots of flirting etc. literally down to the message before he stopped.

He doesn't want a relationship & neither do i, i just liked the chats & flirting. I don't think i said anything that could suggest i wanted something more.

What should I do? I miss my friend


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  • i guess he is eithr busy or he just needs a break

    have you ever met this guy?

    • Yeah we knew each other in person but then i left the country.
      Should i just let him talk to me then when he is ready?

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  • I think sometimes guys like to keep their options open... they are so afraid of getting hurt so they just want to stay friends but then you can't help falling in love with someone so when they actually start liking someone they put a distance between them...

    • We've been getting along really well so I hope that he hasn't distanced himself because he is falling for me!
      What do i do then? give him some space & then reach out to him?

    • Just be honest... ask him what happened? And tell him to be honest and he can just tell you whatsup...

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  • To me it seems he either lost interest or more likely, found someone else. If its a solid friendship, he'll come back

    • But i don't know why he'd stop because of that, i know he isn't a one girl kind of guy & i'm assuming he's been talking to a few people anyway.
      what should i do then, just wait it out?

    • Go with your gut. If you want to talk to him, flat out ask him whats up with the lack of communication. If he doesn't respond to that, cut your losses. Even as just a friend there is no reason for him to be a douche

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