The guy I am crushing on is my best friend! What the fuck should I do?

the guy i like is my best friend, and the complication here is that i don't know if he likes me more than a friend or not. he takes care of me and i am most important person to him in the entire class but today he just called me sister so does that mean that he likes me only as a good friend? we have had so many close moments when he always stands near me and is always trynna make body contact but then today after he called me his sister should i loss hope that he may like me?


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  • i suggest you ask his friends about, does he have any feelings for you.

    • but that is the problem , he has no other friends, he only likes talking to me and e thinks that the entire class is full of immature people so he shares everything with me who am i supposed to ask now?

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  • Just do it. Even if he does call you sister that doesn't mean anything. I actually think it's better to date someone you're friends with first because then it's easier and just better. And trust me if you guys break up it won't be THAT weird to the point where you can't talk to them. Just go for it, because it's better than just bottling up your feelings and not trying at all.


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  • Man, it's almost like you can be an adult and ask him out yourself in order to find out.

    • but that way i may loss him as a friend too!

    • So you'd rather live forever wondering what could have been?

    • did u ever have a girl best friend and if u did how did u treat her, special or like any other normal friend, i need to know this from a guy's point of view

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