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Hey! Currently I'm dating this guy who I met at a Christmas party, so far we have went on 3 dates and we would text roughly about 3 to 4 times a week. It's been nearly 3 months now! I'm still at school whilst he's a college which is about an hour away and he doesn't drive. I really like the guy but I'm not sure if he feels the same way. My friends have told me to forget about him if he can't make the effort to see me. We have got intimate on the dates but I have told him that I'm just not ready for a sexual relationship. So if you were me would you continue dating even if it was just monthly or would you just move on?


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  • Only you can truly answer that. If I felt a real connection, than absolutely, wild horses couldn't keep me away. If it wasn't that deep, I would consider ending it.

  • Now days people are wired by others opinion. Listen, you never ever ever wait on no one. Though dating means you are getting know someone but you are not obligated until you two are in a real relationship. Dating is test to see if he's worth sticking around your life. You know he's busy, your not sexually ready, and you still like him. Just be friends, keep your options open. What's the rush, let him succeed in life. Nothing wrong with dating other guys. Remember when you was young if you move out of your chair then you lost a seat. Same goes here. If he can't park his ass back into dating and communication then he lost his seat.


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