What's his deal?

There is this guy I met about 5 years ago. When we first started out I would see him pretty often and then afterwards it was like once a week. We had a misunderstanding and we stop talking for almost a year. During that Time I moved to LA for a while, and he asked me to come to see him. while visiting I met his brother, had already met his sister and some of his friends. After I left it just went back to sparatic communication, only Facebook interaction. When I moved back home we started up again but again v sparatic encounters but the encounters weren't just casual, it was intimacy and going out to have fun, and on dates. He's talked about us having a child (which he got more distant after I opposed) even but never making anything official between us, and I still only hear from him every blue moon. recently we went to LA together and now again there is a lack of communication again. What's his deal?
Can someone answer my question lol


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  • Sounds like you might need to reach out to him otherwise the two of you could unknowingly be playing mind games with each other (through less communication).

    Although, if he was serious about having kids, he might not want to waste his time on someone who doesn't.

    • Okay, affairs are so weird 😩🙌

What Girls Said 1

  • He may think you want different things


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