Hugs and forehead kisses?

Ever since I told my friend I'm in love with him... every time he sees me he hugs me really tight & kisses my forehead... and gets this weird smile on his face like he was yelling & flipping out the other day but as soon as he looked at me he kept smiling even as he told me how angry and mad he is he couldn't stop grinning...& he stares at me to the point of I feel like I'm melting... but still hasn't said he feels the same way or asked me out or even if he has a crush... why does everything have to feel so embarrassing? :( ugh..
I don't know do any guys have an opinion or insight to share?


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  • Perhaps he is a shy man. I know I am and have been in this situation before. I would kiss the forehead to show some affection but was waiting for her to make the first move physically. I know you may have told him how you feel but he may be trying to put the ball in your court to make a move.

    • He's normally not shy very outgoing with women but then I'm not every other girl so maybe he doesn't know what to do

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