What do you think of a girlfriend who always wear nice-smelling perfumes?

I have tons of perfumes (Escada, Chanel, etc.) and I wear them all the times. Guys tell me i smell good and everything but the problem is my friends told me I should stick to one scent and one scent only to get my boyfriend to be more attracted to me through my scent. I dont understand this. He says he loves all my perfumes and sometimes my scents rubs off on his clothes and sheets. doesn't that already make it seem like im still there when im not because he still can smell my scent? They claim no because its not my "signature scent" do any of you all understand this?


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  • yeah, for sure. I tend to have on 'signature scent' every few years. Right now its' Our Moment by One Direction, on which I get a lot of compliments. My boyfriend especially loves it, and always comments on how nice I smell after cuddling or he kisses my neck.

    I think the deal with 'signature scents' is like.. of course it's great to smell nice overall by using perfumes. Most people though, especially guys, will like it if you stick to one so that whenever they smell that somewhere else, or something with similar notes, it'll remind them of you. If you wear a sweet-smelling perfume, any time they smell that on someone else or something else with notes of vanilla, they'll relate it back to you.

    • Okay that makes sense and i have that perfume too! It smells so great!

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