Guys! please help!!! Do you smile a lot if you see the girl you like? or you just being nice?

here is the thing.. this guy I don't even know, he happens to know one of my friends too, keeps smiles at me since day one at work!! there is something about his smile that I can't forget X ( so what to do he always pump in my head :( it makes me crazy!!
hmmmmm I see but you know I'm shy around guys I'm interested so when i walk by I tend to look somewhere else, but once I looked at his face (suddenly) but he didn't do anything i just smiled and walked!!! I want to talk to him... but i don't wanna be a creep... although I am one :(


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  • Yeah, if I like her I'll try to smile at her every time we look at each other.
    Go up and talk to him, he's definitely not gonna bite you.


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  • yes because... she makes me smile :-)

  • If we like them that's the norm anyway


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