What if a woman you like doesn't have the best body? Would you still find her attractive?

I am 22 years old and never been on a date or had a boyfriend. The reason why I never been on a date or had a BF is because I am very shy and have some insecurities. Guys have told me that I was pretty and some of my family members have said the same, but I don't feel all that attractive. Is it something they see that I don't see? I am not a big girl, nor am I skinny. I'm am pear shaped. Wider at the hips but smaller up top. My weight goes up and down. As a result of that, I have formed some stretch marks because of the constant pulling of my skin. I have some cellulite on my body and I am working out to fix that problem. I have a fear that when I finallly decide to give my body to the right guy he is going to judge me on my stretch marks and cellulite and not feel attracted to me. Do guys make a big deal about these kinds of things, or do we as females over exaggerate?


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  • I don't judge a girl on her body cause i prefer to date bigger girls i really never got into dating smaller built girls cause they never took interest in me


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  • Your cellulite isn't a "problem", your body is just fine.
    There are guys who look out only for Victoria's secret models, and there are guys who understand how women really are. That we are not all stick thin by nature and therefore, that can't be called "unattractive" or anything like that.
    This is all just labelling: this and that is pretty, this and that is not.
    If a guy doesn't think for himself and rejects a girl because of stuff he's been conditioned to think, he's a dumb douche anyway. No good comes out of sleeping with someone like that.
    Like your own body, cherish it and don't think about what society claims to be beautiful. If you can be strong enough to look at yourself and understand and admit to yourself what you like about your looks, but what you would like to improve, then you are free to do so.
    The beautiful thing about life is our free will.

    • Thank you @windupbird. I needed that. Why be with a guy who can't accept your natural beauty.

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    • No problem!
      Yeah, why be with someone who doesn't think for himself?

    • I like your statement Julgath, couldn't have said it better.

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  • I don't mind stretch marks as long as she isn't big at the moment. But as for cellulite... idek what that is :3


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