Why is he doing this? What does this mean?

My crush started following his ex on Twitter once she went private and he favorites and sometimes tweets what she tweets. She doesn't follow him back. It's be 2 years after they broke up. Why does he do this? Does he still care about her?


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  • They could have had a mutual break up, i think you're looking at the situation too literally. Unless he's trying to get her back then I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    • They go to two different schools now. So they can't ever see each other. Do you think he misses her? It's been two years after their break up. I am jealous

    • I don't think he misses her, like he misses having her as a girlfriend, sometimes after a break up we realize they were a really good person, and perhaps he would want her in his life again, as a friend. I wouldn't worry, but where do you see you and him in a couple of weeks? does he know you like him?

    • I don't know if he knows i like him. I'm scared he won't feel the same way

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  • maybe he wants to make-up again with ehr ;-)

    • They now go to two different schools. Do you think he still has feelings for her? But it's been 2 years why isn't he over her?

    • sure why he shouldn't have feelings fro her?

    • Don't you think the feelings for her should have faded by now?

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