Developing feelings for a girl after a drunk make out?

There's this guy that I have some friends in common and 3 weeks ago we went to a party. The last time I had seen him was 3/4 months ago and at the end of that night we ended up making out. We didn't have sex... Just kissing. He was very respectful... No dirty hands and when I told him to stop, he stopped. We were both very drunk. Last week, I saw him again. They were hanging out in my stepfather's restaurant. When he saw me, he was very very very nervous and became all clumsy. Later, he was leaving with two friends coz they were going to a party and my sister saw him leaving and asked him "Won't you say goodbye to *my name*?" and he said "I don't know how to look at her now. I was so drunk, she was so drunk... I don't regret anything but I just don't know what to do now...". About 2 hours later, he came back, slightly drunk. He was very shy at first but then started teasing me but always very shy. He couldn't even look at me. Also, there was this friend of ours that was flirting with me and the guy became jealous. At the end of the night I drove one of them home and he came with me. On our way back, he looked like a kid. Holding my hand, my arm, messing with me, teasing me, etc. At the end of the night we were teasing each other and there was a "Who's making the move?" atmosphere. Then I asked him if he was afraid of talking to me and he said "No. If I was afraid of talking to you, I wouldn't be here." but he seemed a little bit nervous. We said to goodbye and parted. So, could it be that he's starting to have a crush on me? Coz all that nervousness and jealousy isn't normal... And how should I act now? Coz he seems a bit shy about it all and I don't know when I'll see him again.


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  • drunk means not in your senses.


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