Is this guy playing games?

I can't tell. I met a guy online to do a music type gig with. He seems genuine professional enough. We met once and he seemed a bit controlling. I'm pretty and guys tend to be that way around me. He wasn't relaxed or down to earth it was kind of a creepy exchange. I felt like a statue he kept staring intensely in my eyes. Then he had to go but said he was going out of town for the weekend. So I figured we cud do something when he got back.

Then he texted me yesterday asking me what I was doing and he was stressed and left his I guess family's place. I later invited him to my place he's 30 mins away and he said he'd love to come to my place and hang but he didn't come. We texted half the night. Then he talked about his trip but it's like he wants me to miss him that's how he's acting it's odd. I barely know him! He's like I'll only be gone three days. I'm thinking ok why does it matter to me?

First he said he's leaving Saturday so I said ok have a safe trip now he said he's leaving Sunday. Huh. And the way he's acting is like it feels like he wants me to miss him. Wtf is going on here. I barely know the guy. Is he lying about this. Is he playing games. Something about it feels fishy. We meet now he's unavailable says he wants to come over but doesn't come. He's making himself unavailable or some crap? I don't get it. I'm confused but it seems something odd is going on. Worse I am
Starting to miss him and I seriously met him once and don't even know him but it's th way he's msging me. He also told me personal stuff about his family. It's just weird. He teaches music and In his 40s
Is he looking for sex? Before we met he said you'll enjoy me. He said enjoy me musically. Er wtf does that mean. It all seems weird. Not sure what to make of it


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