Why did my ex text me out of the blue when he has a girlfriend he can text?

We haven't spoke in a month and he has a girlfriend... I've notice he has seen me plenty times befriending another guy at school and we would talk and laugh in the hallway. Is my ex jealous and mad to the fact that I speak to other guys?
I also tried to say hi to him in the hall just to be nice but he just kept walking...
He texted me then in the middle of the conversation, he just completely stopped... what was the point of him texting me? I also noticed that he does get jealous sometimes and confronts me when he sees me with other guys, this is when we still talked to one another...


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  • i think ur just something to do


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  • He probably got bored or had a argument with the girlfriend and needed someone to talk to. The best thing to do is to ignore him next time. He is playing games


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