GUYS: Would you give Valentine's Day stuff to a girl if you DIDN'T have a crush on her?

The "stuff" was a stuffed animal dog, chocolates, and an accessory for me. Please tell me whether or not you would give this stuff to a girl you were ONLY friends with.
  • I would totally give stuff to a girl I was just friends with.
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  • I would ONLY give that stuff to a girl I had a crush on.
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  • I want to see the results :)
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  • It's not a big deal sharing gifts are good it's a sign that you care and secondly love is not bounded to the people in relationship love can be b/w friends , brother , sister so yes getting it?


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  • Valentine's day is for lovers, not friends. No body should be giving V-day stuff to just a friend.

    • I understand where you're coming from with the mixed signals and all, but when my girl friends and I give each other little gifts it's fun.

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    • In Japan, during Valentine's day girls give chocolate to many of their male friends.

    • yeah I agree. or at least make sure she is aware of your intentions.

  • I gave roses, and cookies this year

    • to who?

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    • see that's the beauty of giving them because you're a good person! however in my case it makes me crazy wondering why he gave them to me because I really like him

    • Ah, then ask him, I know it's not simple

  • I wouldn't waste money on some bitch with a bf even if she was my friend, might if I had a crush on her and she also likes me.


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  • Why would someone give Valentine's Day stuff to a girl if he's not into her? Only if you're friends and he just did it as all friends do. Like.. me and my bestie got each other chocolates and sugar stuff but that doesn't mean I'm in love with her or she's in love with me. I'm not sure about guys though...