Does he like me?

Okay, so I have this guy best friend. I like him very much. In our group of friends, I'm the one he's closest to, and I'm the only one he teases humorously. Yesterday, we were in a theatre with the said group of friends. We sat beside each other. He's really, REALLY selfish, but he gave me food, except for our other friends. And he allowed me to put my arm (arm, not hand) over his, when he would usually remove it (I was very cold because I didn't bring a jacket). He also put his arm underneath mine back when he removed it for a while. Then, when I asked if he was cold. He said not, so I borrowed it. HE ACTUALLY GAVE IT TO ME WHEN I EXPECTED HIM NOT TO! So, I was getting comfy with my new found source of warmth, when he intertwined my arm with his (prom style)! It was very unusual of him and I was shocked. He went near me and said he was cold. I asked him if he wanted the jacket back, but he didn't take it. A lot, I mean, a lot of our friends and classmates say we're good together and that he likes me, but I don't know what to believe! Can anybody help me?


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  • He obviously likes u! Hang in there!


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