Part two/two: Are all hockey guys assholes?

After we just watched some tv and his team mates came back into the rooms and we all hung out until they had there curfew and I had to leave. Then since then we haven't really been talking so I confronted him about it and this is what he said "I was pretty busy the last couple of days sorry bout that had a lot of homework and stuff to catch up on and stuff like that but I had a blast with you over the weekend no doubt it was a lot of fun, but to be honest with you as of right now in my life I'm really not ready for anything too serious yano, cause I got focus on getting into school next year and stuff so, but keeping in touch with you would definitely be fun as of now" and I was obviously hurt by it consider he acting like he wanted to be with me asked me to apply to the uni he was going to and go on the province wide grad trip with him. I then asked him where we stood and that I wanted to know if he had used me, to which he said "Sorry fell asleep, but yeah it wasn't just for having sex with me either, I wouldn't have been hanging around the whole weekend with you if it was. You're a really cool girl but like I'm not sure where we stand either, and like I said I'm not at the right time of my life to be doing anything serious". We have talked a few times since then but nothing like we use to. This might be tmi but when we had sex I felt like it was more then just a one night stand or something like that, I felt like it meant something to both of us.


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  • No, not all are assholes

    • I know they aren't, that's why I want an opinion on this because he was one of the sweetest guys I've meet

    • Well he either used you or really does have a lot on his plate right now. Just wait, meet some other people. If he was actually waiting then you'll know in time. If he doesn't ever contact you then obviously he used you.

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