I ended it with my friends with benefits . He still contacts me, why?

I'm not going to block him. When i ebbed it with him, he gave me cold simple text. His text are usually simple but you just sometimes get the air (no better way of putting it) of the text. He didn't context me 2 days but then he started connecting me with "hey" next day with a smile, and so on.
When i ended*
He didn't contact me for 2 day s then he started contacting me**


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  • Because he wants to be your friends with benefits again... if he's getting sex from you without having to deal with your feelings, he basically hit the jackpot! Now the question is, do you want more? If yes, then tell him and if he doesn't, ignore him and let him drift away until you find a suitable guy for you!

    • Bit i told him once. He knows i mean it because when he'd text me, i would reply with a "?" And he doesn't respond.

    • Then suggest getting together to talk, and say look, are you contacting me because you want more, or what? I dont have time or the patience for these games. If he continues to ignore you based on your suggestion, then unfortunately he is immature and can not handle a relationship, let alone communication.

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