Leaving someone by text?

What and why would you think of a guy leaving a girl by text over the phone or Facebook?


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  • 10 years ago, I would've thought it was a bit heartless but now it's too normal to communicate that way more than face to face in person, so I would think nothing of it.

    • What if it's the girl you love that does that to you? Wouldn't you like to have the respect of a clear breakup, face to face?

    • Yeah, I would want it to be face to face. I'm old school though.

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  • My boyfriend broke up with me over text and it hurt, I think guys and even women who do that are assholes.


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  • I assume they have been together for a while, not just one or two dates. Leaving a serious gf/bf is not something to do over text, fb or phone, it really does need to be done face to face. I personally think its beyond contemptible...


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