Do you think he knows I like him?

I act really shy towards my crush but then he sees me acting really loud and outgoing with my friends. He asked me "why are you shy." and I said "I'm not shy." Do you think he knows I like him because that's why I'm shy around him.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • He knows you are shy around him, but he doesn't know WHY you are shy around him. He might even think that you secretly don't like him, which is the opposite. Spend some more time with him get to know him, the shyness will lessen.

    • Why do you think he may think I don't like him?

    • Because he sees you being outgoing for everyone else, but you act shy for him this can sometimes be misinterpreted as coldness or not liking someone.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think the guy might not even know you like him. Each guy is different, but I have often times heard that guys may not even know that you are trying "to give a hint". Some girls seem to think that by us girls giving "hints", guys will understand what were trying to say, but it might actually send mixed signals to the guy.
    I am saying this because I have talked to guys about this and they have said they prefer a person to just to get straight to the point. In other words, don't "hint", but maybe try carrying a conversation and get to know him more.

    • Do you think he will try harder because I'm shy around him?

    • That's hard to say because it depends if you have noticed him at least try and carry a conversation with people who are shy.
      I know when I was younger and very shy and I had a crush on a guy, the guy would never notice. But by at least asking a question or saying "Hey" that could lead to a conversation.

    • Okay thank you for your advice

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  • tough to say but try telling him you like him.

    • I'm scared to tell him because I don't know how and rejection. If you were him would you think I liked you? Like would that be a hint that I liked him

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    • That is very true. How do I relax and be myself around him. I'm scared everything I do will make him think I like him. I scared for him to know I like him but then I also want him to know I like him. It's confusing

    • yeah it really doesn't get less confusing. if you know if you have something in common try talking about that might help you get more comfortable with him

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