How do I know if he's trying to set me up?

So I have a crush on guy A. Im friends with friend B, who is best friends with A. So me and B have a class together. We've been friends for a few years now. I've had class with A this year, and just met him. We've only talked a few times, but I kind of feel like he might like me. The thing is, though, I feel like B might be trying to set us up but I'm not sure. B says things like:

"We should all hang out some time." (We meaning me and him/his friends.)

" A is really clean cut."

"A is very smart." - he said this exact thing just randomly one time. We were in our college german class, and we were supposed to be having a normal conversation about ourselves, and just tell our partners whatever we wanted to in german and this just came out suddenly. He was like, "my name is B and my friend A is very smart."

Plus he tells me random stuff about A. Like things that A says, does, stuff about his life and family.

What's confusing me though, is B NEVER explicitly tries to set us up. He never says "you should hang out with my friend A" or "me and my friend A are free this weekend, wanna hang out?" Or any other obvious things. If he actually is trying to set us up, he's being very subtle about it, which leads me to be confused about what friend B is doing.

By the way, I know B doesn't like me. I'm 100% sure of it.


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  • Guy A has a crush on you and B is trying to set you two up. Here is how I reached a conclusion:

    You and B are friends, and you have a crush on A. I'm guessing you haven't told B about your crush on A because if he knew that you had an inkling of liking towards his best friend that he would've talked to you about it by then. Friend B would've been more blunt about his actions of setting you guys up and would've talked to you about A in a more direct manner. So instead of saying "We should all hang out some time", because he knows you like A, he would've said it like "I can ask A to hang out with us sometime."

    What must've happened is that guy A had feelings for you and told his best friend B. Then guy A, maybe too shy to speak up, asked his friend B (since you're friends with B) to put in a good word for him. So basically, B is buttering you up for A, but since he doesn't want to slip the fact A has a crush on you, he's doing it in such a subtle way as to not embarrass his best friend. B isn't being direct because he doesn't want you to find out A's crush on you from A and not from B, B is just there as the boost.


    It can always go that though you haven't told B about your crush on A, he somehow suspects it and he's trying to get you to act on your crush by giving you chances to meet up with him or making A seem amazing so that you're more likely to come clean with A. He's just being subtle so he doesn't embarrass you by saying something along "I know you have a crush on my best friend, I can hook you guys up", or he's just being subtle because he doesn't know for SURE that you actually like A and doesn't want to embarrass himself for thinking that you did.

    Either way, your friend B is trying to set you two up. For who he's doing it for is the mystery. I'm sure you can just ask him and end your confusion :)


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