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Why do guys say something but their actions speak otherwise... my boyfriend will tell me he likes me.. which is great to hear but his actions says not much when he talks about other girls physique by liking their pics


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  • uhh I have friends who are girls and I have a girlfriend. Some of them, well all of them put photos up on Facebook or instagram or some other site and if I see it I like it, not because I like them but because I think its a nice photo they look nice in. I still Love my girlfriend and wouldn't do anything unfaithful or cheat or any smiliar act.

    Maybe your over thinking this or maybe there's something your not telling us or maybe both your boyfriend and I have it wrong in thinking we can like the photos of other girls on social media. I certainly hope my girlfriend does not think I am being unfaithful or have a hidden agenda by liking photos of my friends.

    • Yeah its just a picture... but he degrades me to the fact I need to have a bum... bc he is an ass man... I got so fed up of waiting on him to reply to me.. we have been dating for 2 months... we have been physical but... After Valentine's day we spent time together but he seemed so distant... n no message from him for the past 3 days.. so I msgd him n said what's up.. He replied thst he does not text bc of his joint pain issues... which to me is a lie bc I know he is msging friends but barely me... to me it seems like he has me but cud b looking for something else?

    • Wow, this sounds like a really bad relationship to me :L Not even a relationship, more like a relation and that's it :L
      I think you need to let this go and find someone who'll put in the time and the effort and treat you like the lady you deserve to be treated as. Not this half assed, guy your with by the sounds of it

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  • It doesn't really seem like that big of a deal if he likes someone's picture, social media should not cause conflict in a relationship lol. I think everybody, not just guys, tell people what they want to hear. Guess he just has a hard time backing it up. Just talk to him if it bothers you


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  • The guys are different, girls also. Some guys say what they think, some say what they know that girls like to hear.

  • So your upset cause he hits the like button on other girls pictures?

    • I get that it's a pic.. but of one girl of all her selfie pics and girls pic on his list...

  • Maybe he just want to have a gf but he is not that into you to make a commitment it sound like he is a dick

    • Thanks I agree.. thought so

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    • Yeah I suppose...

    • You will find someone much better you seem like a nuce girl

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