Does he want to talk to me about normal things or is he subtly implying he wants to sext?

I have this guy friend and we text almost everyday and not just at night. However, I've noticed him texting me at 4 am recently telling me he can't sleep and asking me to help him or I'll ask him why he can't sleep and he'll say something like oh I just really wanted to talk to you. I genuinely thought he just wanted to have a normal chat with me, but other people have told me he's probably subtly hinting to me that he wants our conversation to get a bit raunchier. I feel so dumb I never noticed that. We never really talk about sex and we just talk about normal things but could this be just because he doesn't want to push me into doing something? I've never been asked out by a guy before let alone done sexual things. Am I overexaggerating? I don't even know. What do you guys think? I'll send him long messages and he tells me they're interesting and he enjoys them but ughhh I don't know.


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  • He's probably interested in you romantically of sexually, or both. Don't be afraid to ask him. Maybe one night you'll feel adventurous and sext him, which can be a lot of fun, but be careful, and do not send dirty pictures.


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  • Almost every guy that are texting at that hour wants a hot chat. But don't jump to conclusions, there are people bored and with insomnia or bad sleep habits, and there are friendly people.

    I was chatting with a girl who was a friend by SMS one year ago, sometimes fell asleep and she texted me after, i replied when if I woke up in the night and sometimes she also was awake, so we texted without any sexual or dating intentions. In fact that moments got us closer, started to be best friends and now she's my bestfriend and my girlfriend.

    • Oh, i forgot. Pay attention to the content of the messages, you'll find his intentions

    • Yeah the content of our messages is 99% just normal talking and he does have insomnia...

  • 4 am?

    that's obvious sister... no guy would stay up all night just to chat with you ;-)

  • Yeah I'd assume he wants to sext. Just tell him to look somewhere else for that.


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  • Probably if he's texting you at 4 in the morning lol. But it's really weird to just randomly start getting raunchy with your convos unless your somewhat together


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