Why would sleeping over at my house freak him out?

We've been dating over a year. I sleep over at his house all the time and we've never attempted to try sleeping over at my house. It's never bothered me. Recently my dog became pregnant and is due soon so i need to be home at night. We went out and were going back to my house to spend the first night together there. He couldn't do it. There was no fight or anything... he didn't like i keep my back door open... i just think it was an excuse. He started walking home... we live about 3 blocks away from each other. I ended up driving him back home. Should i be concerned. Is this behavior normal. He did share he hadn't sleep over at a woman's house in 6 years. He's 48. Or is this a step forward... is he trying to move forward in our relationship but just needs small steps. Guys opinion appreciated.


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