I friendzoned this guy, and I feel a little bad?

I know, this is a stupid question but there's this nice guy that I friendzoned. He always tells me how cute, and amazing I am but I'm not comfortable with it. So again, he told me he has a large crush on him. I told him I wasn't ready for a relationship and he went crazy. I tried to cheer him up, and told him we can be friends but he said it was too painful to become friends. I am not confused, but this is too strange for me. I'm just a normal girl, and I don't have attractions to anyone :/ I feel a little bad, but he doesn't understand I don't want a relationship.


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  • He probably had a really really really big crush on you and I know how that feels. I like this girl a lot and if she friendzoned me I would be pretty upset but I like her so much I would miss her if we werent friends. Dont feel bad because you dont like him its not your fault. Maybe try and talk to him and cheer him up again and if he still doesn't want to be friends then I would leave him alone or wait until he comes back.


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  • Don't feel bad. Rejection is part of life. He needs to learn that and respect your choice.


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  • Let it go
    Not make it hard for him
    He'll be allright in some time he'll get over you
    And you shouldn't bother about it...
    Not wanting you to be ignorant but better for you to not think about it and feel low
    He'll be over you and move on :)

  • If he's ugly then he's ugly! It's not your fault for not being attracted to ugliness. And hell learn one day that it is life and life likes to rape the ugly for fun


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