I don't know what to do about this situation?

I have posted a similar question to this before but keep doubting myself & really really need some responses. So please read & just write the first thing that comes to mind of what I can do!!

I was in the UK for 3 months & started talking to this guy I met when I was out. We messaged for almost a month & then met up.

We met up 3 times in one week & then i had to leave to go home to Australia.
I know he isn t a one woman man & likes to play the field, but i am not looking for anything & liked being friends. He knows that too.

He was talking to me at home & at one point we would talk everyday, constantly. It was flirty, fun & just plain friendly. It made me happy that i could be so far away & still be friends.

On Valentine's day he messaged me happy Valentine's & then when i said Valentine's day was anti-him he was like "you know me too well, lets get together haha". I took this as a joke & said impossible, wouldn't want to take you away from British women etc. Still both being all flirty.

Then i said i'd send him a pic at the beach tomorrow & he said looking forward too it ;) & then asked another question. I answered this question via my pic on snapchat & he never replied.

It's now been 5 days i haven t heard anything. He didn't even like my Facebook pic which he usually does? what s going on HELP?

Valentines Day

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  • I don't know
    You're on hold.
    It doesn't sound good
    but, don't be too hasty.

    • So just don't do anything?

    • Maybe resend the pic.
      Sometimes they don't get through
      Then hold for awhile.
      You just always want to sound caring, never desperate.

  • Maybe he has just been busy :)

Valentines Day