Am I overanalysing every little thing?

Yesterday, we had a gathering. I was the only girl there so I guess I was prioritised. Soo, there's this guy that I had a crush on since like forever, we finally get the chance to sit under one roof (we're from different schools and we only see each other thrice a month due to club events but we will both be busy with our own things).

We were playing black jack, and I won when he was the dealer aka the one who gives out his own money if someone won (although I didn't really know how to play, the guys beside me had to guide me). The guy beside me cheered and asked for the money and he (I'm gonna name him B from now on) was reluctant to give. When he knew it was me that won, he said, "Oh, it's (name) I don't mind." And gave me willingly. And typically, in a room full of boys, they all wolf-wistled.

After that, we went to watch fireworks. The guys were all huddled together, so I awkwardly stood by the side. B left the group to approach me and we made small talk. We ended up sitting by the corner, and when the other guys noticed, they all teased him.

They decided to play another round of Black Jack, and they all fought to sit beside me because apparently I was "the lucky charm". I ended up beside B and another guy J (J and I were on the couch, B was on a stool). The other guys squabble to sit beside me, and B gave space in his chair and jokingly told me to sit really close to him, the guys teased him, again.

When they were all drinking beer, he pour coke for me and he made small talk with me the whole night, sticking by my side.

I was thinking maybe, just maybe, he likes me back? Or are those just friendly gestures?

Since he came, I noticed him looking at my direction a lot. Even the host of the gathering said so himself.
Oh, and throughout the night, he's always near me.
When we usually meet for the club things, he's always shy and quiet but like I said, I and the other people in the room, always catches him looking at my direction


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What Guys Said 1

  • After reading that entire thing... yes, you analyze way too much.

    Good news is, guy B does sound like he likes you. The other guys probably noticed it too and started teasing him.

    " B gave space in his chair and jokingly told me to sit really close to him"
    That's as clear as it gets LOL friends don't say things like that.

    • Hahaha I realized. Can't help this femine side of my brain.

      Thanks mate :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Oooo :3 how cute! I think B guy likes you which is why the other guys were teasing him - guys usually do that when they see it ;)

    • Hahahha thanks!

      I guess if this happened from a 3rd pov it's kinda cute, but I'm kinda confused as he's not making any moves! :-( I'm kinda shy so it's hard

    • I know how that feels like...:/ then show him uur interested cuz he might be confused too

    • I did smile at him everytime we make eye contact, and I tried to initiate conversations more but I think he might take it as a friendly gesture as we were kinda friends

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