Am I wrong for going off on my boyfriend?

Dear readers, my situation is that I haven't seen or talked to my boyfriend all week and I was kind of pissed off but I'm not one to start an argument. When we did talk I swear it was like one text a day and that's it, it's weird because we talk everyday so I assumed something was wrong, and didn't complain and just gave him space but last night when we texted, I asked him was he ok and that I haven't heard from him all week, he said he was tired because he got lack of sleep because he's been staying up all night playing the game on his computer.. now I'm a gamer myself so I don't understand how playing the game is an acceptable excuse for not talking to your girlfriend for a week, so I just ended the conversation by saying when you're ready to be my boyfriend again let me know.


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  • I'd get annoyed to, boys will stick up for other guys when it comes to computer games.. I completely understand where you're coming from because when im on the Play Station or whatever i still find the time to text people back.. just give him the space because it seems you need it as much as he does!


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  • Depending on how you said it or what else you said besides that you didn't really go off at all. Your kinda soft. While I don't believe in 40 texts and calls a day. I do think he could have been way more considerate to speak with you when he is a relationship with someone.

    • That's exactly how I feel, I don't expect him to text me all day and night, but a whole week, come on dude! I didn't say it rude lol it's very hard for me to be rude lol

  • You suck lol don't get mad at a gamer if you that's his job


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