Should I buy him a gift or not?

In fact, I like a guy. We go the same university but different faculties that's why we dont meet a lot but we chat almost everyday. We are " friends". His birthday is in two weeks. I ordered a gift specialized for him not fancy or expensive at all but it's cute. I asked my sister who is older than me by 10 years, she told me dont give him a gift just say happy birthday because that will show that u like him. Also told me that she won't gift a guy unless she knew him for a long time. I know this guy for 3 month. should I give him the gift or not 😔.
(Ps: the gift is a board to be hung written on it "eng. his name's room because he studies engineering) what exactly should i do? :/


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  • Give it to him

    • I'm not going to look awkward right?

    • I doubt it. You're friends with him, not like you hardly talk to him. If he was just some guy at your uni who you don't talk to, that would be weird. I've done things like that in the past and none said it was weird. And my brother, a few girls have done that for him too, and only one he said was weird because she was just some weird girl he barely knew but she just knew one or two of his friends or something.

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