He said he likes me, but does he really?

I've known this guy for like 4-5 years, we went to the same school but then he moved to another nearby school & mistakenly added me on FB thinking I was someone else.. (I had actually Never seen him at school) But we started talking & we got along so we never deleted each other. We'd Skype & text all the time. Then he disappeared off FB for awhile, &made a new one. Anyways, he'd always be like "let's hang out blah blah blah" but it never happened. Then I got a bf 2 years ago, & he kind of didn't talk to me as much, & whenever we spoke I'd tell him my issues with my bf (at the time) I never realized I had friend zoned him, I mean.. He was my friend after all. Well a few months later he told me that at some point in our friendship he had liked me. my relationship didn't last long, but I was heart broken & the night it happened, he skyped with me for hours & tried to make me feel better, which he did. Well months after that (I was completely over the break up) he told me that he was starting to like me again, but timing was bad bc he never had time, & by then he had already flaked on me twice. Who knows why. I also told him I kind of had feelings for him too & he thought I was just going along but I told him I never thought of telling him because we never hung out. We didn't talk for months after that. Until maybe a month ago, and we finally hung out Last week! But that day we were supposed to hang Out, he asked me "so do you still want to hang?" & maybe I had something up my ass, but I felt like he didn't want to hang out so I told him something came up & he just said "aw ok" that's when I got a little mad & then he told me he really did want to hang out with me, & that he's liked me for the past year but he didn't know why he was being that way, he said he was being dumb & told me we were going to hang out. So we did. At first I was trying to not get close to him bc I don't want a relationship at all, but now I realize I do like him
So I like him, but I feel like maybe he thinks I don't and he doesn't really talk to me as much as a guy who likes me does. I have to reach out to him but sometimes I think I annoy him. I try to tell myself "maybe he doesn't reach out to me bc he wants me to reach out to him and he's nervous or something"
When we hung out he told me I was much prettier in person, I don't know if that means anything
Sorry it's so long 😭 I need advice


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  • Firstly girl, that's a long n complicated story!!
    Secondly, if u think he gets annoyed by you in presence than u must straight away ask about it.

    Only thing i could say is you should talk about how u were so comfortable to each other back days.
    N now what bothers him. What does he want. Is there any girl he is dating.
    Just hang out!!

    • No he's not talking to any girls right now. We were supposed to hang out Last Sunday but he never told me what we were doing so we didn't hang out. And I snapchat his yesterday and after awhile he didn't reply 😔

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