Guy reconnects after 5 months. Why?


Wasn't sure where to post the question.
I met a guy a year ago and we saw each other a few times. We didn't have sex (just some touching) and we weren't dating. 5 months ago he phones to tell me that he can't be in touch as his ex-girlfriend wants to give it another chance and he decided to go along with it. He said if things don't work out he will be in touch as he liked me...(yea right!)
Lo and behold :) indeed yesterday he phoned. He broke up with her. Now, I know he doesn't want anything serious or isn't build for a relationship like he confessed... so why on earth be in touch with me again? He knows I am more of the serious type. And it's not like we know each other for years or were madly in love... so why on earth did he contact me again?
My friend said coz he probably likes me and is attracted to me. I think coz he is bored the shit out of his mind ;)
What could be the reason?


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  • He's horny and he knows you worship the ground he walks on. That's why he contacts you now.

  • He picks you up, drops you when a better offer comes along, just to come back when it doesn't work out... And your friends take this as a sign of a guy who genuinely likes you. Don't ever go to your friends for guy advice lol.
    If you were that special to him, his ex wouldn't of happened, he wouldn't of expected you to wait around like "if it doesn't work out I'll be back in contact" and all that crap.
    Find somebody else who you're their number one, not the one he picks up and drops according to which other women are in his life at the time. Seriously. Don't sit around waiting for this one.


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