I got friendzoned. I got mad. And now I don't know how to act in front of him. Help?

So, I have (had?) this friend...

I had slept with him twice and last Wednesday I slept with him again... Except this time I decided to tell him how I felt about him. So I told him that I liked him and that I was starting to fall in love with him...

He told me that we were just friends and that I wouldn't want to fall in love with him because he was so messed up, and he was not interested in love stuff.

Of course I got mad because I felt used. He basically just wanted to have sex with me, but didn't tell me from the very beginning. He really should have told me before I fell for him!
I mean, we had just had sex, and then he tells me that "we're just friends" and he is not willing to be something more.

So I told him that he was a jerk and that it was not fair, that he should have told me before I fell for him. He told me that "we are going to keep seeing each other anyway right?" And of course I told him that I was NEVER going out with him again.

The problem is that I constantly see him at college and I don't know how to act the next time I see him around... I don't want to be rude or dramatic. I want to stay classy.

Should I say hi? Should I ignore him? Should I act normally? Help me please! Thank you.


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  • Personally if it was me I'd act normal. Not making a big deal out of it will hurt more than making a bug deal out of it. If you start saying hi to him you might be dragged back into the mess and thats not what you want. Ignoring him will just make you more frustrated especially if you don't get the reaction from him you want. Just act normal. If he says hi sure wave or something but don't go out of your way to be nice or talk to him. If he doesn't care about you then why give him anymore thought or time. Move on girly. He's not worth it.


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  • Next time, find out feelings and where you stand BEFORE sex.
    Just ignore him. He doesn't want what you want, I'm sure there are plenty of guys in your college who would commit to you and not keep it just sex. Move on from him and find somebody who likes you for more than what's between your legs. If he just likes you for your vagina, trust me, you're easily replaced... All girls have the same thing after all, so vagina is easily replaced. Once you move on and find a guy who really likes you for more than sex, you're not so easily replaced.

  • Just act civil. If you really think he's a bad person he's not worthy to be your friend. Try to not be angry, forgive him and yourself and move on and treat him politely but impersonally like a distant acquaintance


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