Good girls love bad guys. This is my story. Yea?

I've been there before. I used to like this bad boy. He loved sex so much and i knew he has slept with many girls even one of our classmate. I loved him then, i knew he was very wrong for me and people always told me that. I wanted to go out of it but something kept pulling me back. I turned down every nice guy asked me out. I never kissed him or had sex with him. Just side hugs coz i was very conscious of what i was doing. I know how to present myself as a girl, i can't and won't jump into bed because of 3 common words "i love you". I knew he used and dumped girls but i felt he loved me. He chased me for 5 years before i dated him. I dated him for 29 days and i brokeup with him because something in me forced me to. We were friends for the next five months but we seprated later. It was mutual. We just stoped contacting eachother. Now each time i rememmber i dated such a person i feel furious. I feel like i was insane. I ask myself, what the hell i saw in that guy. I don't love him again. Althought i don't see him again i know that i don't even like him as a friend. I only like him because he is human. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I never felt so free for the past 5 years.


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  • So you was having sex with this bad boy when you was 11?
    What was so bad about him, looking at baked barbie dolls or something?


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