Does he really think I'm creepy or was he hurt? Help me understand this guy?

I like this him... He's hinted at liking me too, and even told one of our mutual friends that he was "starting to" like me but wasn't sure because i "flirted with everyone". However this apparent mutual liking has disintegrated into game playing, on both of our parts... I was never really sure if he liked me because he's had so much time to make a move, so I tested his interest by talking about other guys with him. I also started hanging out with his friend a lot because I thought the guy in question would be there too, hanging out with us. A lot of times he wasn't, and his friend ended up having feelings for me.

One night, we were all at a party and I saw the guy I like discreetly giving his friend a thumbs up while we were all sitting around... Then, later, the guy I like was all over another girl, and when I approached them, he told me I was being creepy and to leave them alone.

Does he really think I'm creepy, or was he speaking from a place of anger since his best friend was moving in before he did? Does he like me? The fact that he lashed out at me makes me think maybe he doesn't like me as much as he seemed to, but he could have just been hurt since he thought his friend and I were going to get together. I gently turned his friend down, by the way.

What do you think?

And please don't lecture me about the game playing I did to try and get him to admit his feelings, I know it wasn't cool..
That same night, by the way, his friend ended up kissing me at which point I turned him down.


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  • Ok what most likely happened was when you started talking about other guys with him he took it as a rejection, and it probably hurt, I mean you wouldn't like it if he started talking about other girls right? Then he probably tried to find a girl he thought did like him and wasn't into other guys. The thumbs up from his buddy means that was his wingman who did some scouting and found out this other girl likes him too.

    Now, imagine it from his point of view, first this girl he likes goes on and on about other guys, which makes him feel like crap, then when he moves on and finds another girl who he thinks really does like him, and all of a sudden you are there trying to ruin his chances, even though in his mind you have moved on to other guys.


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  • I think he meant it.. If he wasn't sure he liked you because you were flirting supposably then you hanging with his friend and other guys is going to make him distant :o he won't like you :/


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  • He wouldn't say that you are if he didn't feel that way


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