So if a shy guy does this? Touches you on shoulder, back or anywhere other than normal handshake?

Does it mean anything to him? I know certain touches and all mean things to guys who don't normally do that sort of thing with everyone.
Anyone else?


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  • Actually, it usually does yes, especially for shy guys. Especially if he doesn't do that with anyone else except for best friends. Shy guys social skills aren't that great and they know it, many don't believe that they have the verbal skills to win over a woman, so they try something like this hoping it will give them an extra edge.

    • And the best response to that is? I'm clueless. Lol! Nope, he doesn't do it normally that I notice and just started with me.

    • Do you like him back? If so start flirting with him some and trying to make it obvious how you feel. If he still doesn't pick up that you like him don't worry shyness is not a reflection on you or his level of attractiveness to you rather on his level of social skills. You may need to consider making the first move if you want anything to happen.

      Also, just keep in mind he is shy, and he knows his social skills aren't that great. When you hang out with him make him feel like you enjoy spending time with him, even if there are long or awkward pauses in the conversation.

    • Got it.

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  • A touch by itself means nothing... what else has he done?

    • I wasn't asking about anything else. He's nerve touched me before so was just curious.

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    • I wasn't asking if he liked me. I simply asked if it meant anything if someone shy does it. Thanks. That is helpful information. by the way... What's a normal distance in standing and having a conversation if he's shy?

    • Oh okay sorry for assuming that and you're welcome
      Haha shy guys will still stand a regular distance, they just don't like making the first move.

  • It actually depends. If you're making fun and he touches you on the shoulder it's normal. But in other cases I think he wants to signal that he likes you

    • I don't make fun. Its not nice.

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    • Then I think he wants to signal you that he likes you

    • Hmm. Ok.

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