Why did this really sweet guy (met him and became friends with him last semester) all the sudden turn into a slimmy toad?

sorry if this is really long but i gotta say it. this happened on November last year So there's this guy in my piano class, he's really cute and smart. The other day not this Thursday but the Thursday before, (actually, 2weeks ago) he heard me playing the song "where do I begin" love story theme song. He sits in the same side as I do, but he's at the front. He turned around and he had a smile on his face. Class ends at 11:50, as I was walking out he stopped me and asked me if he could borrow the music sheet. I was sick that week and could not concentrate, but we both love that song. I was looking at hiM and he was smiling. I was so nervous I couldn't speak, I stuttered. The week after I was printing a new music sheet of the love story theme song cause I though I had lost it. I went to the front to get it and printed out a second copy for him, but I was too scared give it him. He turned to see me and continued playing his piano. I'm not sure if he likes me, but I like him. When I see him my heart beats really fast I feel like I'm going to faint. then this happenedI (2 weeks ago) was talking to him, asked him how he was. he said i'm doing well, how have you been today? etc. then i asked straight to the point. "so how's your girlfriend doing?" He said "she's doing well" i was just shocked, I didn't cry or anything, so instead of ignoring it, i replied "glad to hear that" the convo ended with him telling me "see you tomorrow!" but didn't even say "Hi" when he came to the classroom or said "bye" when he left. anyways i'm doing perfectly fine finding out he's taken, but i mostly care about the friendship we have and that's all it matters to me. i'll just keep acting normal, like nothing happened. otherwise 1) he will know that i liked him and 2) losing him as a friend would hurt more. but, now he doesn't reply the same way he used to. now it's just a really short response and logs off, the question is (ill post a question on a poll) what should i do, and how do i get over hi


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  • It sounds like he's a nice guy. You can't call him a slimy toad if you weren't his girlfriend. It's not like he cheated on you. You should either continue being his friend (assuming you 2 were JUST friends to begin with) or end up being the slimy toad you made him out to be by ignoring your friend.

    • I asked for advice not that you comment about my post. it's not fair, you don't even know me. you don't know anything about me. i don't appreciate you to telling me what to call and not to call him... i'm not mad that he has a girlfriend OK? i'm just heartbroken that he's ignoring me more and more everyday. and he had said before he was happy we were friends. Plus I never said i was going to stop being his friend. so I don't know what your deal is.

    • So if you wanted one of your friends to answer this question then why did you post it up here for all the strangers on GaG to see? If you don't want my advice, you don't have to take it. Plain and simple.

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  • He is probably too busy being with his gf or he had a hunch you liked him after asking "so how is your gf"?

    • Thank you for your response, I honestly think that's exactly what happened, but even at the beginning of the semester his mood changed constantly but, now i really don't care what he thinks or says i have moved on. I been peaceful lately. i even forgot he existed til yesterday that he came in to class and kinda smiled but, i didn't notice he did until he walked away to his seat.

    • Good :) no one is worth fighting over trust me don't ever get involved with people with gf's or bf's its just gonna end bad

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