His friends keep looking at me? Am I being a little paranoid?

So there's this guy in my lecture class. His friends and him keep looking over at me and its driving me crazy. I'll come into class and they'll just look at me until I look their way and then they'll look away. One day in particular, I was talking to me friend and glanced their way and saw one of his friends look at me then look away, smile and nod towards the guy while talking to him. It's weird. I feel like their talking about me but I don't know them. Me and this guy know each other but we don't talk anymore. What are reasons why a guy and his friends would stare at a girl in class?
I haven't talked to this guy in like 2 years..


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  • there's a good chance that he likes you or finds your attractive, or both! I'm sort of in denial when it comes to guys starring at me but an obvious reason is that he likes you. especially if he looks away cause he's kind of thinking like, "oh shit she caught me" type of thing. try talking to him if you don't already, could spark something between you two!


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