Guys, why does he do this? Does he not like me?

Sometimes when I ask him questions he just stares at me and then doesn't answer them. When i stop talking to him and just do my own stuff he askes me questions to get me talking again? Wth? Does anybody else have this experience?

Like last Friday my school finally gave out the anonymous flowers the people bought on VFay and he got 3. He left and came back with 2 more. Out of curiosity I asked where he got those. He just loked at me and sat down. When another girl (they're best friends ) asked him he told her that he bought from a teacher with a discount and he's not supposed to tell anyone. She sits on the other side of me, so he knew I heard.

He does these things all the time where he doesn't answer me but says it to someone close by or doesn't say it at all. Why?

Also he's not the shy type at all. And I highly doubt he likes me.


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  • Well honestly I've been there so dont feel alone in this endeavor. Us guys we can be asses sometimes and never notice specially during our H. S. & college years. Now on the matter of the questions not being answered to you, well he probably either spaces out, tries to think of a good answer without making you feel uncomfortable or he feels uncomfortable when you ask him.

    Now if you two are friends it would seem that he is either setting at that or he just likes someone else and is giving more attention and thought to the other girl instead. Now if he still talks to you regardless of these events and situations happening he probably just really likes having you as a friend but is uncertain of whether hed like to share things with you or not.

    Dont let this cloud your judgement or affect you in any way. Just see what questions he avoids or feels uncomfortable being asked and from there try asking him questions that he'll feel more comfortable with.

    Now if you're trying to get him to like you go slow, dont go and cannonball yourself into the river or you might just drown on the way down.

    Hope it helps :)

    • I try not pry since we don't know eachother on a personal level and he does the same. I'm sure he's into someone already and im not looking for his affection.

    • Oh ok well then he's just focused on another girl we tend to that sometimes and it ends us costing some really good friends along the way. He like me and most of us men go through that everyday. And dont be suprised if yoy ever see him daydreaming and suddenly smacks into a door or locker

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  • It's natural to be shy around ur crush sweetie πŸ’˜

    • But he doesn't have a crush on me xD He talks to me just fine when he needs something. He doesn't answer sometimes when I ask questions. It's irritating.

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    • How are u sure when u don't even have proof '-'

    • I know he pays attention to what I do and say most of the time, and we joke around. Then it's like I don’t exist and he goes off to talk to a female friend or on his phone. I asked a question previously with possible signs.

  • he's shy and stupid

    • What makes you think so?

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    • Now I feel stupid for giving it to him seeing how doesn't reciprocate. I guess I am too friendly :3 Ooh well, thank you!

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  • He probably just thinks your annoying not that u are and I don't think that but he cou think that

    • Then why doesn't he just leave me be? He's always asking ME questions.

    • Ooh he could like you and just gets nervous

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