Why'd he put up with my mood swing?

So I was in a particularly bad mood, and I ended up stomping, and swinging the door open with a lot of force, (he was right in front of me).

He looked like he really didn't want to fight, almost meek.

He pretty much left the scene as fast as his legs would carry him.

But later on, even though it was my mistake, he was being nice.

Does he just want no grudges or something? I mean I shouldn't have behaved that way, but he truly did deserve it considering his past behaviour
Does he care about me, or not care about me at all?

Those are the only two reasons a guy would put up with it


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  • He just wanted no grudges and accepts the fact that girls get moody sometimes

    • Ah, but I've behaved meanly towards him before, (and ignored him).

      Why does he care to set things straight?

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    • True, he wouldn't look me in the eye though, just looked all embarrassed, and hesitant.

      I wonder if he's going through something. Hope he's okay

    • He probably didn't know how to react to it

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