I feel that my boyfriend likes younger girls? But I'm only 23... help seriously?

We are on and off its hard to breakup with him... I don't know why..

Ook we are both 23-24 years old...

Our relationship has be bumby for the past 3 months... i told him my inner insecurities then he told me he had a thing for blondes which sucks a lot... but apart from that I think he likes other things...

He always statres at girls that are from 13-16 years old girls that are pre teens... and they look like kids sometimes... and when I see his computer he has erotic stories of girls that are lik 13-14 years old telling they
had sex the first time..

Pluse I'm not sure what more to be bothered from his likes for blondes or his likes for younger girls...


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  • Oh my mother of god and Joseph...

    That's not “younger girls”...

    Are we going on see him on To Catch A PREDATOR some day?

    • Ok I'm kinda freaking out! He is my age... what is people say he is Pheodophile?

    • And what are younger girls considered?

    • They are consideted - underage.
      People get arrested for that and him fantasizing about it ain't good even tho he isn't putting it to...“practice”

      Oh god i need to wash my hands after typing this filth.

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  • 13-14... year old girls...

    Dictionary definitions:
    Pedophile: a person who has a sexual interest in children

    Pedophilia: sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object

    Legal definition:
    "a child means every human being below the age of 18 years unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier."

    • I don't think he ever acted on it.. so I think so.. either way what can he do to me

    • He doesn't have to act on it. The fact is he is sexually interested. That's enough to be a pedophile.

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  • There seems to be a misconception people are having about puberty. It beings somewhere between eleven and thirteen (most of the time), it ends somewhere between fifteen and seventeen.

    I don't know why people are complicating this more than they need to. He probably has a thing for females in general, not just blondes. He's presumably a heterosexual male, so I'd sure hope he does.

    More facts, sixteen year old girls are legal in many (probably the majority) of the the western (and I think eastern) world for sex as long as it's consensual. It's called the age of consent. Even then the age of consent is mostly arbitrary after puberty, scientifically and that is why there is no consistent age of consent. For the majority of humankind/mammalian (millions of years) females (predominantly) have been having sex since the process of puberty begins (somewhere between thirteen and sixteen).

    That is evolutionary. It is not debatable. It is a fact. This is why as females you feel your body getting excited down below when you hit that age group (around eleven) and possibly a little before because females typically go through puberty before males.

    Here is the most painful fact for some people. Young females and young males ARE submissive to their parents by nature. It's evolutionary. The purpose is so that the parents can pass along their knowledge and experience efficiently. However, females are still human and they WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY have some sort sexual urges early on if their body and mind is not abnormal. This does not make them perverts or deviants. This makes them human.

    Our culture has warped females into thinking that the desire to propagate the species makes them monsters. To me, that seems like a very disturbing way of thinking because you are punishing females for feeling something that is totally healthy and natural.

    There is nothing wrong with discipline, to me, for males and females. However, don't punish girls for being girls. That's not fair.

  • not a good omen, adults should not be looking at kids that way, I would ditch him as if he gets caught you will be tarnished also, and with child abuse you are guilty even if innocent, it won't go away and it will ruin your life

  • Ofcourse he is paedophile...


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  • "Plus I'm not sure what more to be bothered from his likes for blondes or his likes for younger girls..." - Are you fucking serious? Your boyfriend likes kids, but you don't know if you think the fact, that he also likes blondes is more concerning? That's messed up! He obviously got problems, I would never be with a guy like that, it's disgusting. Him liking a 16 year old girl is not so crazy, they often look like they could be 20, but 13 year olds, pre teens and kids, that's fucking gross.

  • he's a pedophile looking at 13-16 year old girls and looking at that stuff online! Girl dump him he's the guy your parents warned you about taking candy from when you were little!

  • This man is a pedophile.

    • Are we being mean cos... he is her bf

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    • I feel bad but I'm emotionally attached to him and found out later what he is into...

    • And I don't think he ever acted on it not that I know of..

  • He's a pedophile seriously


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