Do you think he doesn't want to hang out with me?

So me and this guy have texted for awhile and once I asked him if he wanna hang out and he apologized and said he's busy with studying (he's in last grade in high school) and then he had to go to a friend and said maybe other time and put a smiley face xD. He is other religion than me and he said I can go to his church if I want to see how is there and i asked him on Saturday if he will go tomorrow to church and he apologized and said that he's out of the town and he said again maybe other time and put a smiley face again xD. He's kinda shy and we didn't really talked in person just greeting each other. Do you think he was really busy or he find reasons to not hang out with me? Before we started to talk he always stared at me in the hallway that's why I had the courage to text him xD and now he continues to do it everytime he pass me but now he greet me. He's really good-looking guy.


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  • Wow!
    This got too complicated right away for me.
    Religion is a non issue, for me anyway.
    I don't care what the other person is.
    Naked, we're all the same.
    But I will not allow any proselytizing.
    I am who I am
    And they are who they are
    I change for no one
    No I will not visit their church unless it is for a ceremony

    • I agree with you, it's not that I try to change myself or my religion or something.. I'm just curious and beside, I have a chance to get close to him haha
      But I think for him, religion is an issue because they usually start relationships just when they are serious about it and stuff like this..

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    • Thanks for the advice~
      I wil also be cautious :)

    • You can follow me if you want
      You know, like to kind of keep in touch

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