Why is he ignoring me on Whatsapp?

So I started sleeping with this guy. He only Whatsapps me, mainly to ask when we can hook up. I asked him to come help me with something, he tells me he is unavailable. Then he messages me to say he's not doing anything and wants to f***. I then get annoyed and tell him I thought he was busy and couldn't help me and that I didn't like being lied to. He then sends a round of messages saying he wasn't lying, he was ill and my comments annoyed him. He also said didn't care ad didn't need to explain himself to me.
I said fine and just leave things and asked if we could have sex a final time, he didn't respond. The next day I asked if he was ignoring me. He read the message and ignored it. What do I do? I feel like a fool but I really miss our flirting. I feel angry that he can just choose when HE wants to speak to me and would take hours or days to reply to my messages, but if I gave him the same treatment he would get angry and phone and tell me I was acting childish. How do I act if he messages me again? Do you think he has another girl?


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  • your just sex why are you surprised

    • Because I've known him for ages and he pursued me for ages. He told he wanted me to be in his life forever.

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    • Love your frankness. I feel so dumb. He is 12 years younger than me. How could I fall for this?

    • everyone likes feeling desired so its normal

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  • He sounds like an asshole who's only in it for the sex. He is ignoring you because maybe he has a girlfriend now. Don't let him string you along like a puppet, he is only doing it because he knows he can! He is not your boyfriend so he is not obligated to write back to you and likewise, he can't get mad if you decide not to respond.

    Find a man who cares for you and wants more than just sex, or if you want a f-buddy, talk to the guy and define what it is exactly that you both want out of this! Good luck!

    • I think you are right. He probably does have other girls and I'm only an option.

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  • How do you find a quality sex buddy?


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  • Don't even respond to him ever again, regardless of what he messages you. He is just using you for sex, and if that's not what you signed on for, or not what you want, then you should be done with him. Trust me, there are plenty of good guys/men out there to replace him.

    • This is going to be really hard. What do I do to make sure I don't?

    • When he messages you, just think about how much he's hurting you by not being willing to do anything other than have sex with you. He's completely selfish... why should you cater to that? If you are tempted to message him, have a back-up plan: i. e. texting someone else (someone who actually values you as a person), or even something like forcing yourself to do 50 sit-ups or 20 push-ups before you can respond to him. Sounds goofy, but it works.

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