How to deal with guys that can't take a hint? I TOLD him I only wanted to be friends?

what should i do with this guy?
Long story short: he's really attracted to me, but im not attracted to him so i told him i only wanted to be friends. He told me that that was fine, and he still wanted to take me out some drinks. I agreed to go and i went, and i had a great time until he started telling me how pretty i was (like 6 times at least), laid his hand around my shoulders and he even tried to kiss me at one point.
i mean really? I told him i only wanted to be friends, why dont he respect that? if he doesn't only want to be friends that he shouldn't be inviting me to things right? i do like hanging out with him, he a really nice guy and he easy to talk to, but he way to skinny for my liking and i dont think we are compatible. I want to bulk up and he doesn't like muscular women, so it kidna says it self its not going to work. How should i deal with this?


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  • Ask him to do stuff for you. If you need a favor, get him to do it. Sooner or later he'll get tired of doing favors with no sex so he'll leave you alone lol.

    • lol... i might just do that!

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