Affectionate/friendly girls misunderstood?

Sometimes i am friendly with no thought on my mind.. and sometimes i am affectionate towards the guy i like just with a smile and i talk nicely.. why such women are misunderstood for being fast? i am not giving any come hither looks just smiling and being friendly.. why a guy think ur fast?


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  • It is very disrespectful this to the women, with the guy never being able to dissect one just being naturally friendly


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  • lots of men take FRIENDLINESS for FLIRTINESS. they see it as a sign of interest. so if you are being friendly to him and other men, they see it as you wanting to fuck them and any other guy you're flirting with

    sometimes you may want to scale down your friendliness and not be friendly to random men bc they will see it as you being nice. I've learned it may be best to be dry and aloof to guys unless you happen to be interested, or else they will take it the wrong way. not all guys do tho

    • i am only affectionate not outright.. to the guy i like. i am just normal friendly with other dudes..

    • I wouldn't even be friendly to guys I didn't like. they take that wrong

    • i was friendly to the guy i like.. and he looked at me like he was hit by a bus !! looked at me with most confused look.. :(

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  • Am sure that it has something to do with the way they can sometimes sadly misinterpret our look/smiles etc.

    Hopefully some guys may be able to put us right on this with their honest comments.


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